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The illumination of a check engine light in your car can make for a nervous experience. It does not have to be, however. People become concerned with check engine lights due to the mystery of what it means. The truth is, it can mean a multitude of different options as to what is wrong with your car. Depending on the vehicle, some of these issues can be as simple as low fluid levels or as bad as a major engine component failure. Until you have the light diagnosed, though, there is no reason to worry. That is, if you take your car to a service center you can trust, like European Motor Works.

Specializing in Quality Brands

By specializing in specific high-end brands, we are able to invest in the best people and diagnostic equipment to determine the repairs your car needs at an affordable price over the dealership. Our team is made up of experts in the following brands:

Our diagnostic tools are comparable to anyone in the industry when it comes to troubleshooting the check engine light on your car. Our equipment will not give us an idea of what is wrong but will specifically point to the problem that must be repaired. This saves you time and money when your vehicle needs attention.

What to Do if Your
Check Engine Light Illuminates

If your check engine or other warning lights come on, it is your best not to operate the car as you normally would. Bring it into our shop where our ASE certified technicians can diagnose the problem properly. Located in San Francisco, European Motor Works is proud to be the go-to shop for drivers in surrounding areas including:

Continuing to operate with a warning light on will only make whatever fix you need more expensive, as it can lead to a total failure of one of your systems. Make an appointment today to have your vehicle diagnosed for a check engine light or for the proper maintenance visits to keep them from illuminating in the first place.

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