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Performance Clutch Repair Services in San Francisco

Not much can beat the feeling of operating a manual transmission in a high-performance car. This is especially if that car is one of the world’s most well-built brands. To work properly and give your car its best performance, your clutch needs to be in excellent working condition. A worn or failed clutch will not allow your vehicle to run as it was designed— and may prevent it from running at all.

To keep your clutch working as it was designed, it is necessary to have it inspected, adjusted, or replaced when needed. Once a clutch has failed in a car with a standard transmission, you effectively have no vehicle to drive, no matter the brand.

Performance Brand Clutches We Service

A manual transmission used to be standard in older cars. With the advent of the automatic transmission, manual transmissions became less popular in commuter cars. Performance brands like the ones below, however, still have a following. These accomplished vehicles include:

These European imports, along with a few domestic vehicles like Buick and Cadillac, still offer manual transmissions with clutches for driving enthusiasts.

Symptoms of a Poor Performing Clutch

The clutch on your manual transmission must operate as it was designed to give you the best performance out of your car. Here are a few signs that you clutch is having issues and needs attention:

  • Grinding Gears: When trying to shift with the clutch pressed in, the transmission should flow smoothly through all of the gears. If you hear a grinding noise while trying to shift, your clutch is not working correctly to allow for even shifting.
  • Spongy or Weak: There should be some resistance when pressing down on the clutch pedal. If the clutch feels spongy or goes to the floor too easily, it could be failing.
  • Gears Will Not Change: Just as with the grinding noise when shifting, not shifting gears at all is a sign your clutch is bad.

Clutch Repair

At European Motor Works, our ASE certified technicians are trained on the latest servicing and repair requirements for high-performance brands. If your manual transmission is not running in top condition, have it brought to us for inspection, adjustment, or replacement. Finding an issue during scheduled servicing can save you money in costly repairs if you find yourself stranded with a bad clutch on the road. Located in San Francisco, we also help drivers from surrounding areas including:

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