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For many years, automobiles required an oil change every 2500 miles. Today’s premier cars are engineered and manufactured to go well beyond those original mileposts. However, with superior technology, this creates more of a necessity to make sure oil changes are not skipped. Full synthetic oils have been developed to help keep engines in good condition after years of service. Many European and other high-end cars can go 7,500 to 10,000 miles before an oil change is needed. People who drive their cars over these recommended miles are taking a chance in vastly reducing the life expectancy of their cars.

Special Brands We Service

At European Motor Works, we specialize in the most technically advanced cars in the world including all models of:

We have the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the longest life out of your car. By focusing our business on highly engineered brands, we have developed a more advanced system for protecting the cars we service.

How to Know Your Car Needs an Oil Change

The simplest of answers is that your car’s computer system will notify you when your car is due for service. Each time the oil is changed, the car will reset its timer until it is time for the next notification. There are other times when it may be necessary for an oil change, which are:

  • Oil Leak: If your car is leaking oil, the oil change notification is made obsolete. An oil leak will leave your vehicle low on oil and can cause severe damage to the engine. By having your car serviced regularly, we can find problems before they turn into a major problem.
  • Engine Overheating: If there is any reason your engine has overheated, you will need to bring it in for oil replacement.
  • Coolant Leaking into Oil: Issues like a ruptured head gasket can cause your car’s coolant to enter into your oil. Once this happens, your car will be damaged if operated.

If any of the above symptoms are found, it is essential not to operate your car so have it brought to European Motor Works for a full inspection and servicing of fluids. Located in San Francisco, we gladly help drivers all throughout surrounding areas like:

Our ASE certified technicians will not only change your oil but complete an inspection of your fluid system in case a repair is required.

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