The transmission of your Land Rover is just as important as your engine, because without the transmission, your vehicle can’t move. This makes the proper maintenance of the transmission crucial to the proper functionality of your vehicle. Before we go into how to maintain your Land Rover’s transmission, let’s briefly discuss what a transmission is.

The transmission system in your Land Rover is responsible for transferring engine power to the wheels of your vehicle. While you have to manually operate the gear in a manual transmission, an automatic transmission selects the appropriate gear thereby maximizing both power and fuel economy. At low speeds, the transmission will maximize torque, allowing you to accelerate from a stop or climb hills.

The transmission increases and decreases speeds as the case may be to ensure the effective utilization of the engine power. Hence, the proper maintenance of your Land Rover transmission will go a long way in ensuring its performance, reliability and longevity.

Causes of Wear in Land Rover’s Transmission System

Many things can make a Land Rover’s transmission system wear down, thereby causing it to require maintenance or repair. Discussed below are some of those things that could cause extensive wear of your transmission:

  • A failing solenoid: The solenoids in your Land Rover are in charge of controlling the flow of transmission fluid, both how much and when to circulate transmission fluid through the transmission. Transmission fluid can clog solenoids as it becomes dirty and burnt from use, causing them to become stuck in either an open or closed position.
  • Worn out gears: Your gears will wear out over time as a result of normal wear and tear. If your transmission fluid is old, contaminated, or insufficient, it can accelerate the wear and tear on your gears. As a result, they may fail to engage properly, resulting in a faulty transmission.
  • Low or burnt transmission fluid: Your transmission fluid becomes increasingly contaminated over time which can cause it to burn off. When you notice that your transmission is slipping, this might be a sign that your transmission fluid needs to be changed.

Signs that Your Land Rover Transmission System Requires Maintenance

Do you know that every vehicle communicates with its owner. Cars can communicate warning signs to their owner with an unusual squeak here or a creak there, along with a dashboard warning signal. As a Land Rover owner, it is important to know exactly when your vehicle’s transmission system needs maintenance, so let’s look at some common signs:

  • Noise during gear change: This can be caused by a lack of fluids or damaged parts.
  • Your transmission might fail to engage: This is similar to missing gears in an automatic transmission, but it indicates a worn clutch in a manual transmission system.
  • Gear grinding: This is a common problem with manual transmission. Grinding gears usually occur when your clutch or cable is faulty. It could also be caused by damaged gears.

How to Maintain Your Land Rover’s Transmission System

Since the functionality of your transmission is crucial to the overall well-being of your vehicle, you want to ensure that maintenance is done correctly and on time:

  • Find a genuine garage you can trust: You should ensure the garage you want to entrust your Land Rover to perform quality repairs and maintenance. This is extremely important to avoid further complications after each visit.
  • Regularly change your transmission fluid to help curb contamination or slipping. This is crucial for your vehicle’s long-term performance. Your transmission fluid should be changed every 15,000 miles or once a year.
  • Use the proper type of transmission fluid: Always check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or ask for expert opinion to know the best type of transmission fluid you should use.

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