Volvos are a well-sought after car brand, mostly known for their high performance on the road, versatility, and reliability. They are unique and provide their customers with comfort and luxury. Routine maintenance of your Volvo is important but natural wear and tear will pave the way for components to break down, requiring repair or replacement.

One problem that Volvo users experience is the failure of the transfer case. Most drivers are not aware of the importance of the transfer case in their cars. That is why we deemed it fit to enlighten you on its functions, reasons for its failure, and signs to look out for when it eventually fails.

The Function of the Transfer Case

Whether your Volvo is an all-wheel-drive or a four-wheel-drive, it requires a transfer case. It is the transfer case that transfers the energy from the transmission to the two axles of your car. Without the transfer case, the engine’s energy from the transmission will only be transferred to the front axles of your vehicle.

Simply put, the transfer case maintains a balance between the four wheels of your Volvo to promote harmony and give you power over the transmission. The transfer case also contains hydraulic fluid that helps to reduce friction between gears and permit fluid movements. When the transfer case develops a fault, the overall performance of your Volvo will decrease significantly.

Common Causes of a Transfer Case Failure in Volvo

There are several reasons responsible for the failure of the transfer case in your Volvo.

  • Natural wear and tear: Your Volvo consists of electrical and mechanical parts, and the transfer case is one of them. Over time, through constant usage of your car, the transfer case will start failing. When this happens, there is no need to fret. Bring it to our BMW professionals and have it fixed.
  • Seal leakages: Seals are responsible for the connection formed between the transfer case and the shafts. The seals help to keep the hydraulic fluid inside the transfer case. When the seal breaks and the fluid leaks out, the transfer case will misbehave.
  • Reckless driving: We are pretty aware of the thrills that come with driving at high speeds with constant braking for cornering and adjustments. While this style of driving can be enjoyable, it is also very detrimental to the health of your Volvo.

Signs of a Transfer Case Failure in Volvo

As a proud Volvo owner, you must notice problems in your car when they start. If you can detect faults early and proceed with repairs, it saves your vehicle from extra damage and reduces repair costs. For a faulty transfer case, your car will warn you with the following signs.

  • Weird sounds: When the transfer case of your Volvo becomes faulty, you will hear grinding sounds when trying to shift gears. If you hear the grinding noise, this could mean your Volvo needs servicing for transfer case problems.
  • Difficulty in shifting gears: The transfer case is an intricate part of the gear system. Hence, when the transfer case develops any fault, the gears will become stiff, and shifting them will prove difficult.
  • Hydraulic fluid leakage: After parking your car, look underneath it to check if there’s an oil puddle. If you find a puddle of fluid under your Volvo, that might mean the transfer case needs fixing.

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