The BMW Series 6 embodies elegance with a unique design that features all-around comfort. The Series 6 luxurious interior coupled with its splendid driving dynamics offers a superb driving experience. Conducting regular oil checks and staying on top of routine oil changes is crucial to maintaining the vehicle’s excellent performance.

Sticking to manufacturer-suggested oil change schedules and routine checks will help increase the chances of detecting an issue before it becomes full-blown. It will also help reduce the chances of an oil cooler gasket failure, which is a problem BMW Series 6 owner’s often face.

The Function of the Oil Cooler Gasket

The purpose of the oil coolant gasket is to keep oil inside the oil coolants system.  The system lubricates and cools down the engine to maintain an optimal temperature. When the heat generated by the engine is not regulated, it can cause the engine to overheat and consequent engine damage.

However, the oil coolant gasket can fail due to wear and tear, poor maintenance, or unfavorable engine working conditions. When this happens, it may result in severe or irreversible engine damage. Some symptoms always precede the breakdown, so it is best to look out for these indicators since they might save you from having to shell out a fortune on repairs. These signs include:

  • Increased Engine Temperature: The oil cooler gasket is designed to contain the oil for cooling and recirculation to the engine at a reduced temperature. When it fails, the oil temperature flowing through the engine rises, which in turn affects the engine temperature. Consequently, the driver is notified of the increased engine temperature by the rise of the engine temperature gauge.
  • Oil Leaks: Since the oil cooler gasket keeps the oil contained within the system, when the system fails, usually due to wear and tear, there is a chance of oil leakage from your vehicle undercarriage. Whenever you notice any oil leakage from your vehicle, it is never a good sign, so you should attend to it immediately.
  • Contaminated Oil: When the gasket fails, not only will it fail to keep the engine oil contained in the system, it also fails to keep debris and other contaminants out of the system. When contaminants and debris get into your system, it contaminates your oil and clogs up the system. When you notice that debris has mixed with your oil, you should treat it urgently before it damages your engine beyond repair.

Causes of a Failed Oil Coolant Gasket

The oil coolant gasket was designed to work under extreme conditions. The system cools down your car engine by cooling down the engine oil and recirculating it through the engine for proper lubrication.

  • Wear and Tear: The continued usage of auto parts results in its depreciation and the consequent need for replacement. The same applies to the oil coolant gasket. When there is an issue with the engine or unfavorable working conditions, it can facilitate the gasket to overheat and become worn out or damaged.
  • Poor maintenance: When you fail to take proper care or carry out regular maintenance of your vehicle, it might result in the undue wear of the oil coolant gasket. Keep up with the BMW service schedule for the longevity of your car.

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