One of the more complex issues in Volvos seems to arise with the failure of the Variable Valve Timing Unit (VVT), which can lead to acceleration issues and expensive repairs. Purchasing a car from a top-notch automaker is not a cure against mechanical failure. You can still end up stranded on the side of the highway calling AAA. It is critically important to know the pitfalls of each car company, even from brands with great reputations.

Volvo is a reliable car maker based out of Sweden but operates worldwide. They have a history of making award-winning vehicles with impressive safety ratings. There are numerous perks to owning a Volvo, but there are concerns as well. Even the best pieces of technology and machinery can break down and be subject to wear and tear. Nothing lasts forever.

If there are problems with acceleration with your Volvo or you are hearing “knocking” noises, review the information below to see if there might be an issue with your VVT unit.

The Importance of the Variable Valve Timing Unit

The VVT is an innovative piece of machinery that highly impacts your Volvo’s performance. It truly is an incredible invention. Picture yourself cruising down the highway and needing to pass a slow-moving car. Acceleration is where the VVT comes into play and gives your vehicle the correct amount of speed to perform as required. This is why it is important to repair the VVT unit if it begins to show signs of failure.

No one wants their vehicles to require expensive repairs or worse, a mechanical problem that impacts the car’s safety. So let’s look at information on identifying and preventing this problem in your Volvo.

Potential Warning Signs of Variable Valve Timing Unit Failure

Below are a few signs that can signify an issue with your VVT unit.

  • Engine Light: The check-engine light turning on can indicate an issue with the VVT unit. Regardless of the cause, this is an excellent reason to have qualified mechanics look at your engine right away. Ask them to double check the VVT unit when inspecting your car.
  • Acceleration Issues: If your car is not accelerating correctly, this can be a sign of trouble. If you press on the gas pedal to speed up and the vehicle does not accelerate on demand, it can point to an issue with the VVT unit.
  • Engine Misfire or Noises: Strange noises or a knocking sound from the engine can also indicate a problem. Pay attention if you feel vibrations or if the engine misfires.

If you experience any of these events, consult a mechanic right away to run a diagnostic check to find the root cause of any problem.

Preventing Problems with Your Variable Valve Timing Unit

Prevention is usually the best medicine. The first step in prevention is to have your vehicle checked by a professional who knows the Volvo brand. Ask detailed questions. You might be able to avoid expensive bills and extend the life of the VVT unit by completing the following steps.

  • Change oil regularly. A car owner should periodically change the oil, regardless of whether it is a Volvo or not. Giving the car fresh oil can prevent problems and keep you on the road longer.
  • Use the correct oil. Maybe you diligently change the oil on time, which is excellent! However, make sure to use the correct or best oil for your vehicle’s make and model. Changing the oil on the schedule with the wrong product can negatively impact the VVT unit. To be sure you have the right oil for your Volvo, leave nothing to chance. Talk with one of our experts today. We know the correct type of oil to use so you can have peace of mind.

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