A MINI is a reliable car, sometimes lasting several decades. It’s dependable, sporty, customizable, and stylishly attractive. This makes it an excellent choice for people looking to stick with their vehicle for a long while.

One of the best ways to care for your vehicle involves knowing the problems you might face. As a MINI gets older, there are some typical problems with this brand that you can observe that will prompt your action to head to a service center. One of these issues is a leaking thermostat, which is something you want to repair as soon as possible.

The thermostat is the component in the engine responsible for keeping it at the proper temperature. The thermostat sensor is located under the hood of the car. It has a valve that can open or close, depending on the function needed.

When the valve opens, coolant is released, which will lower the temperature of the engine. If coolant is not released, the engine will continue to build heat, potentially getting too overheated. This can lead to your engine stalling out or seizing up.

Looking For the Signs

Luckily, there are some noticeable indications of a leak. This allows you the time to prevent the problem from escalating. Should you notice any of the examples below, take your car to a professional immediately. A knowledgeable technician will inspect your vehicle and discuss the diagnosis with you so you can choose a repair plan.

Signs your thermostat is in need of inspection:

  • blue liquid underneath the front of the vehicle
  • notice a strong smell
  • temperature gauge stays in the high range
  • temperature gauge moves sporadically
  • extreme changes in temperature occur inside the vehicle

Common Causes of a Thermostat Leak

If the thermostat house has cracked, this would allow coolant to leak out, making it harder to cool down the engine. If the thermostat valve is stuck open, too much coolant will flow out of the reservoir, causing it to bubble over and leak onto the engine’s hot parts. When this happens, your engine will no longer be cooled, since the coolant is leaking onto the ground instead of circulating through the engine bay.

Likewise, if the valve is stuck closed, the engine will not receive the correct amount of coolant to keep it at its functional temperatures. This is a bit more serious than the others, as you are at risk of overheating. The engine could seize up entirely, which is avoidable with routine maintenance or seeking out help if you notice a leak or problems with your thermostat gauge.

If Engine Overheating Occurs

If the engine is unable to maintain its designed temperature, overheating of its parts can lead to a number of expensive problems. Components within the engine could become warped due to the extreme temperature. Overheating inside the engine baby might also cause cracks, which could lead to oil leaking inside the compartment. Oil can be corrosive as well as flammable. This can quickly become a dangerous situation to you and your passengers.

An overheated engine is a very serious problem that can affect many different parts of the vehicle. If too much damage is done, the engine may need an expensive rebuild.

This is why we suggest routine maintenance. Many people think it is a waste of money, but with servicing your car on the manufacturer’s schedule, professional mechanics can catch problems in their earliest stages, make the repair, and save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Owning a car is an expensive endeavor. You can reduce the expense and the frustration of sudden expensive repairs by utilizing experts to maintain your vehicle at designated intervals. Being proactive with a maintenance schedule has saved people time and money more times than not.

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