Transmission Repair in San Francisco: Understanding the Process

Transmission Repair in San Francisco: Understanding the Process

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Transmission Repair in San Francisco: Understanding the Process

Have you noticed an issue with your vehicle’s transmission? It’s time to figure out the cause and a potential solution.

Our team at European Motor Werks is here to provide clarity. Consider what your transmission does, when it may have an issue, potential warning signs, and how we can help.

How your transmission works

As a complex system, your vehicle’s transmission serves an important function. Its primary purpose is to transfer your engine’s power to the vehicle’s wheels. That transfer plays a role in supporting how you adjust speeds on the open road.

It achieves this feat using gears, which transfer engine power to your vehicle’s drive axle. This transfer supports a sudden uptick in speed, like when you merge onto the interstate. Transmissions come in both automatic and manual, with different functionality for both.

Transmission service needs

Like the rest of your vehicle, the transmission will require maintenance at one time or another. Consult your owner’s manual for specific recommendations on timing for this service. Our team at European Motor Werks can also help you establish a cadence for this requirement.

The primary service your transmission will require is a fluid flush. This involves replacing old transmission fluid, which will lose its ability over time to protect the system as a whole.

Replacing this fluid can help to remove debris and some of the grime that builds up over time. If not addressed, this build-up can cause damage to the different components in your transmission.

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Transmission warning signs

Take note of warning signs with your vehicle! This especially applies to your transmission, which can cost you big bucks to repair.

If you note one or more of the following problems, prioritize a shop visit:

  • Leaking fluids
  • Burning smells
  • Grinding noises
  • Lag when shifting gears

Transmission repair services

Depending on the damage severity, your transmission may require minor repairs or more extensive work. In the worst-case scenario, it will require a rebuild or replacement.

You’ll need a trustworthy team of technicians for this magnitude of repair. That team should have a proven track record in this area because not every shop will specialize in transmissions.

To find the right shop for transmission repairs in San Francisco, do your homework! Here are some tips:

  • Ask your close friends and family for any recommendations they have
  • Read customer reviews for local shops in your area
  • Include the keyword “transmission” in your search queries
  • Contact a reputable shop and have them walk you through the entire process

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If you need transmission maintenance or repairs, you came to the right place! Call our team at European Motor Werks today to learn more about our transmission services.