Land Rovers are known for being sophisticated, tough, and durable. They can also become off-road vehicles which can take a beating. Land Rovers can handle a lot of wear and tear but they still need the same care and maintenance that all other vehicles require.

A common issue we see in Land Rovers is accessory drive belt failure. If the drive belt completely fails, the engine in your Land Rover may not run. When you begin to experience symptoms of failure, it is crucial you have Land Rover repaired right away.

What is the engine accessory drive belt?

The engine accessory drive belt is also known as the serpentine belt, alternator belt, fan belt, and drive belt. The belt is a vital component in your Land Rover’s engine. It powers all the accessories connected to it. If the engine accessory drive belt fails, it will not be able to deliver power to accessories.

These accessories include:

  • air conditioner compressor
  • alternator
  • power steering pump
  • water pump

The engine accessory drive belt is made from rubber. It is designed to endure a lot of wear and tear, but over time, it will wear out and will need to be replaced. It is often recommended that you have it replaced every 45K to 75K miles. Check your Land Rover’s manual to see when they recommend to have routine maintenance performed.

Symptoms of Engine Accessory Drive Belt Failure

If your Land Rover begins to act differently, trust your instincts. There is usually a problem. If the issue is due to a failing engine accessory drive belt, it may be impossible to drive your vehicle. Keep an eye out for the following symptoms of engine accessory drive belt failure:

  • Odd Noises: When the engine accessory drive belt begins to fail, you may hear odd chirping or squealing noises. These noises are often produced when the belt slips or becomes loose. Then can also be caused by a damaged belt.
  • Overheating: Since the engine accessory drive belt helps to power the cooling system, the engine can overheat. The belt is necessary for keeping your Land Rover at optimal temperature. Overheating can cause damage to the engine and other components.
  • Problems with Power Steering: The engine accessory belt is connected to the power steering. When the belt experiences failure, it can affect the drivability of your Land Rover. When there is an issue with your power steering, your Land Rover can go into limp mode. This happens when the computer recognizes a problem. It has been put into place to protect the engine from failure. Trying to drive in limp mode can be dangerous.

Common Causes of Engine Accessory Drive Belt Failure

There are a number of issues that can cause engine accessory drive belt failure. These include:

  • Heat: The rubber used to manufacture the accessory drive belt can dry out and crack from the heat.
  • Leaking Coolant: If coolant is spilled on or leaks on the accessory drive belt, it can cause the belt to squeal.
  • Friction: The belt is constantly moving. This means there is constant friction. This friction can lead to fraying. A belt that is fraying is weak.

How to Prevent Engine Accessory Drive Belt Failure

The best way to prevent engine accessory drive belt failure is to have it replaced every 90K-110K miles. However, as with all vehicle components, it can fail prematurely. Having a visual inspection performed during your regular maintenance will help your preferred Land Rover mechanic spot issues like cracking and fraying.

Driving with a faulty belt can be devastating. If the belt were to break or slip off, everything from the alternator to the power steering will be affected. By replacing the engine accessory drive belt as per your Land Rover’s service schedule, you will reduce the risk of breaking down.

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